The Messy House Reality

Let’s face it. Let’s be honest at least once. Our houses are messy. Our bedrooms are messy and so are our kitchens and bathrooms. Our cupboards are messy and our wardrobes are messy, as well. We pretty much live in a mess. But the real question is, do we mind? Are we unhappy of this fact? Do we dream of order or we love to have that mess all around? Surely, you will like to tell everybody how organized you are and how well you maintain your But if no one ever goes at your place, would you have an incentive to clean it, organize it, and maintain it? Would you?

The truth is that we are messy. And what is even more frank, is that we enjoy this mess and we find the order in it. Yeah, yeah, my clothes are not hanged in the wardrobe, but I know all the time, where each of them is. And yeah, my organized mess suits me just like it fits you and many other people all around. There is some sort of creativity hidden there. A little bit joy and kind of reflection of yourself. The mess is the home of your thoughts.

But to what extend could we be messy? Well, there always comes time in life, when you need to settle down, to organize your life, your thoughts, and respectively your home. You are getting married and you are about to live together with your spouse. You are having your children and you need to organize the house so that it would fit perfectly your needs and theirs, as well. And then, you need to master the mess and you need to be creative in the order you’ll create. The good news is that messy mind could be infinite.


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