The Messy House Reality

Let’s face it. Let’s be honest at least once. Our houses are messy. Our bedrooms are messy and so are our kitchens and bathrooms. Our cupboards are messy and our wardrobes are messy, as well. We pretty much live in a mess. But the real question is, do we mind? Are we unhappy of this fact? Do we dream of order or we love to have that mess all around? Surely, you will like to tell everybody how organized you are and how well you maintain your But if no one ever goes at your place, would you have an incentive to clean it, organize it, and maintain it? Would you?

The truth is that we are messy. And what is even more frank, is that we enjoy this mess and we find the order in it. Yeah, yeah, my clothes are not hanged in the wardrobe, but I know all the time, where each of them is.…

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The other use of vodka or how to clean everything at home in seconds

vodka-712469_1280It is a rescue and a lot of fun. Nice talks over several glasses of vodka turn into even nicer laughs soon and everyone is happy, shining, smiling, dancing, shouting and screaming and singing. Oh, yeah, there is something magical that makes people joyful and every experience a memorable one. But the best thing is that it is always by your side and when you want to drown away the agony after a break up or a failure at work, it helps you escape the reality, and it won’t leave you absolutely alone.

The truth is, however, that it is even more powerful and except for the Bloody Mary and the Martini, you might use it for a home maintenance, too.

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And think for a second how nice and unforgettable clean-up it would be if you were performing it with a glass of vodka in one hand and rag dipped in this same precious drink as well.…

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