Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows can be divided into three types:

– cleaning with sprayer and a cloth

– cleaning roller and groove (mop and squeegee)

– cleaning with purified water

  1. Cleaning with a sprayer and a cloth

When cleaning glass surfaces with a sprayer and a cloth is most often used by the home keeper. There windows are usually available and this is the cheapest and affordable way to clean. There are a wide variety of preparations which typically cost several pounds. We can assure you that the use of more expensive product will not necessarily lead to better results in cleaning. The preparations themselves I can not make dirt disappear from the surface. Therefore the important part of cleaning is to use a clean cloth, microfiber is best.

Usually, blurring can occur when the towel you are using already is filthy, not because “preparation glosses over.” In this case, it is best to take another clean, dry cloth. Note that even if the dirty washcloth, it will continue to blur when wet. The reason is that the tap water, which is laundered contains many microscopic particles that once dried the glass surface and become a visible impression of whitewash.

  1. Cleaning roller and groove (mop and squeegee)

Cleaning with roller and groove usually done by professionals as they need to acquire some skills before reaching satisfactory results. The pros of this method is that it can be used on a hard window where cleaning “by hand” is not possible. These are usually shopping windows and tall windows. Also, this method is suitable for cleaning surfaces with a larger area.

When cleaning using the mop for dispensing detergent and squeegee (blade rubber) which picks preparation and reconstituted thereof dirt. The use of towels is needed only when wiping the edges of the windows (a few millimetres to the frames) where the remaining small amount of solution. Cleaning is much faster, but as already mentioned takes some skill. They are typically used, and aluminium telescopes as extenders.

  1. Cleaning with purified water

Another cleaning method is through the use of filter systems and pumps, which pump the purified water, which after drying leaves no traces. This method is typically used for cleaning the front windows. Is performed by means of a brush, which rubs dirt and then rinsed with purified water. Used aluminium telescopes, sometimes with a length of 15-20m.

The cleaning companies like typically work with the second method.


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