The ultimate laundry room clean-up

dresses-579998_1280If there is a room at home, absolutely neglected during every possible cleaning, that would be undoubtedly the laundry one. In fact have you ever thought of cleaning it at all, seriously, have you? The majority of us doesn’t count it as a place to be cleaned and believe that it is a storage for some appliances only that need no special care and no maintenance. This is too naïve, though. In life you have to pay attention to the details, you have to focus on the little things, so trying to convince yourself that you have no time for a clean-up, no skills, no products or whatever, is more than stupid.

However, during the lovely inspection you have to go through after the end of tenancy cleaning, even this room will be checked and it should be in the best condition possible for sure.

You have a few options now and I personally believe that performing an easy-peasy and quick laundry room clean-up every month, is the best one.  

The washing machine 

No, this appliance is not self-washable at all and if you do not take care of it properly, it not only will be dirty, but it will not be able to work well and the result will be poorly washed nostalgia-635619_1280clothes, which need to be taken to the laundry thereafter. So, empty the entire washing machine and then put some warm water and some white vinegar and rinse a full cycle. Repeat the same procedure, but this time add some bleach instead of the vinegar. You will thus remove all the stains and things left from the clothes and you will get rid of the smells as well. Right after that you should clean the dispensers, so you can put them in the dishwasher. Get a wet clout and remove the dust behind and under the washing machine and then perfect with a microfiber cloth going through it all.

The dryer 

The truth is that cleaning this one improves its efficiency a lot, so if you want to save money and time as well, do it regularly. Unfortunately, the lint filter cannot cope with all the lint the clothes leave in the appliance and soon it is too stuck and hardly working. Find the proper way and open the dryer carefully, clean it then with vacuum-cleaner first, wet clout and a little bit of detergent then and microfiber for perfect results.

The room

Now it is time to take care of the whole room – if it is carpeted vacuum-clean it and then remove all the stains deeply, if it is not go with the microfiber mop, removing every dust particle. Use the attachments of the vacuum-cleaner and clean all the walls; use a paste, made from baking soda and water if you need to get rid of some stains from over there, wash the windows, the light fixtures, the radiators. Clean the shelves and the cupboards and arrange everything nicely – you will be amazed and impressed by the result, and most importantly – grateful.








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