The other use of vodka or how to clean everything at home in seconds

vodka-712469_1280It is a rescue and a lot of fun. Nice talks over several glasses of vodka turn into even nicer laughs soon and everyone is happy, shining, smiling, dancing, shouting and screaming and singing. Oh, yeah, there is something magical that makes people joyful and every experience a memorable one. But the best thing is that it is always by your side and when you want to drown away the agony after a break up or a failure at work, it helps you escape the reality, and it won’t leave you absolutely alone.

The truth is, however, that it is even more powerful and except for the Bloody Mary and the Martini, you might use it for a home maintenance, too.

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And think for a second how nice and unforgettable clean-up it would be if you were performing it with a glass of vodka in one hand and rag dipped in this same precious drink as well. Yeah, even the boring, annoying and tedious cleaning might be that fun. Just try it next time! 

The wine stains

This evening you are having an Italian night at home and you have all the finest things in the world – pizza, pasta, spaghetti, lasagna and wine, a lot of wine. You are eating and red-wine-505296_1280chilling and talking and even the host is somehow relieved when no one spills the tomato sauce on the beautiful white carpet, so he is serving the tiramisu now with another bottle of wine opened. You are silently enjoying the first bite of this divine dessert that combines the unique mascarpone cheese with the flawless espresso for a few seconds and then you keep on passionately talking. You don’t understand what happened indeed, but the wine from one of the glasses turns out to be all over the carpet and now you can hear screams only and you feel the despair in the air. And yet keep calm, get the bottle of vodka and using it remove all the wine from the carpet, after you have absorbed it with a simple rag first, of course. I promise that the results would be absolutely amazing.

The porcelain

You hate it how you make so many efforts to make all the dishes and glasses shine, you are buying so many cleaning products and you have already tried too many different tricks, but they are simply not perfect in the end. Here is the simple solution, put a few drops of vodka in the traditional detergent and then go through all kinds of porcelains and glass. Every piece will be imposing and awesome for sure.

The mold

If there is something more disgusting and more unpleasant than the dust, it is definitely the mold. And the worst part is that absolutely every mold removing cleaning product has so strong smell that you can hardly breathe. But if you put vodka in a spray bottle and clean it, it would easy and fast and it won’t make you want to leave your home forever.






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