The 3 ultimate screen cleaning rules

There was a time when we were always looking for solutions for cleaning the oven only, and the carpet. We liked our homes. We had fun there, playing some board games, or just chatting over a bottle of wine, we spent some time alone, reading, writing and relaxing. It was some time later when we bought the first TV and we even organized movie nights where we put a cassette in the video player and watched the not-so-new film on it. This, however, was so long ago that this is probably the story of our grandparents, because the epoch we live in nowadays has some diverse values from ones of that time and the TV is undoubtedly far too important. And it’s not only this appliance, it’s the computer, the laptop, the tablet, the e-reader, the phones – we are surrounded by screens, screens that entertain us and help us work as well, but also screens that accumulate far too much dust. And when we are about to perform a spring cleaning or even an end of tenancy one, we face the problem with the screen cleaning. Don’t worry, if you know how to cope with this situation properly, it won’t take you so much time.

  • Don’t use harsh chemicals

The screens need some special care, we are all aware of this fact. We therefore go and buy some of the millions cleaning products in the market and we come back sure that we will be able to clean everything so easily. It’s some kind of delusion, all of this. Yes, the detergents are important for every kind of cleaning, but only the good and proper ones. And as the screens are too sensitive today, they are HD and 3D and so on, if you apply a cleaning product made of harsh chemicals, the result might be surprisingly unpleasant, because you will damage the screen surface and the TV, which costed you two salaries, won’t show you all the movies you like, in the best way.

  • Don’t use too much detergent

This rule is closely connected to the previous one. Not only should the cleaning product not be too harsh and too strong, but you also don’t have to use much of it. All kind of detergents were indeed made to help you, but in fact your work is what makes everything look brilliant. And another thing to remember is that water and electric appliances do not go well together, so if you overdo, you risk ruining your whole TV system. I strongly doubt that this is what you wanted by a simple clean-up. So, be precise!

  • Don’t clean it while it’s on

No matter if it is the laptop’s screen, the TV’s one or the one of your phone, you should never ever clean it while the appliance is working. You not only have to turn it off, but you also have to wait till it cools down and only then you could achieve the results you wanted.


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