See how easily you can clean the microwave

woman cleaning microwave

We all like the smell of home-made food when we come back after work. Unfortunately, the last time you felt this unique excitement was also the last time you visited your parents’ house. In the reality the cooking in the modern, busy life is reduced to putting the semi-cooked food in the microwave, and every evening when you come back from work, going through the market, buying half-cooked pasta, you thank God that the microwave exist. But the time for the end of tenancy cleaning is about to come, so you better prepare yourself earlier. So as not to have to cope with everything in a day, clean the microwave regularly.

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Take off the grease

The most unpleasant part of cleaning the microwave is coping with the greasy surface. Click To TweetThat’s why you better start using a detergent that will attack the grease and take it off. Don’t forget to use gloves, because too often these kinds of detergents are too strong and can be harmful for your skin. A nice idea is to spray the microwave with the cleaning product and leave it like this for 5 to 10 minutes. Thereafter proceed to the next step.

Clean with a wet clout

Now you need a simple cloth and water to take the detergent away. Don’t forget that very soon you will have to put food in the microwave and leaving some parts of the cleaning product in the machine could be dangerous for your health.

Use a microfiber cloth

If you want your microwave to look like it is brand new, just delivered from the shop, find a microfiber cloth. Click To TweetIt’s a cheap cleaning tool, found almost everywhere, that removes every single particle of dust.

After cleaning the microwave with this cloth, it’s definitely going to look absolutely perfect.


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