Messy home? Cope with this problem in 3 simple steps

brushWell, let’s admit that we are not fastidious people at all. Yeah, we try taking care of our homes and gardens and the whole property in general, but we don’t do it with passion and desire, but only because it has to be done. Otherwise our house is going to turn into a battle-field. Yeah, you almost do your best – the spring cleaning, the fall cleaning, you even hire one of the London’s professional cleaners to perform a deep carpet clean-up and you believe that everything is OK, until the moment you wake up on a Sunday morning and you realize that your home is too dirty and messy – you couldn’t find a simple coffee spoon for ages and when you tried making pancakes for brunch you were disgusted by the grease on the hot plates. Enough. Maybe you miss some crucial cleaning steps and that is why you are completely unsatisfied by the result. Think about it and try these simple steps: 

Put things where they belong

This is not really a cleaning tip, but an organizing one. Actually you almost always skip it. You come home tired from work, take off your shoes and leave them there. You make yourself a coffee in the morning and you leave the coffee jar and sugar-bowl on the kitchen plot. You are doing your make up before the cocktail about the opening of your best friend’s new exhibition and you leave brushes and eye-shadows and blushers and foundations on the kitchen table. Your kid is playing with some new toys in the middle of the living room until he gets bored, leaves them there and goes in the garden. Have you thought how much time you spend organizing and arranging things that you should have done in the right moment? The simple rule is: put things where they belong. And if you follow it, your home will be less messy for sure.

Clean often

The main problem here is how you understand the term often: once a week, once a month, once a season, once a year? You are cleaning your home once per month and you believe that it is more than enough, while in fact it’s completely inadequate. And you don’t have to perform something like end of tenancy cleaning every week, but you have to vacuum-clean the whole place and get rid of the dust more frequently. And if you do it, you are going to be amazed by the wonderful result.

Train properly

And you don’t have to train your pets (oh, you do, but I am not talking about them now), you have to force the people who live with you to take care of the home. The kids should arrange their toys and their clothes, and the adults should share all other duties and tasks. And if everyone takes part in the home maintenance process, and not just you, your home definitely will not be messy any more.



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