How to perform efficient end of tenancy cleaning

Getting your deposit back at the end of the tenancy agreement is one of the hurdles every tenant has to overcome. In a recent report by the Deposit Protection Scheme it has become clear that almost 40% of the disputes related with the deposits arise due to the level of cleanliness of the property. That is why end of tenancy cleaning is very important. The landlords are very strict when it comes to checking their properties and even a few dirt marks or crumbs in the cupboards can cause you problems at the final inspection.

The best time for you to do the end of tenancy cleaning is when you have moved out all your belongings and the property is in the state it was when you rented it. Also it is advisable to perform the cleaning as close as possible to the date of the inventory check. You have to decide if you want to clean the property yourself or if you want to use a professional company to do it for you.

In some tenancy agreements, using a professional cleaning agency is a must so check yours to see if it is mandatory to hire the professionals.

Every cleaning agency that performs the end of tenancy cleaning will provide you with a certificate for cleanliness, which you can present to your landlord. If you have the choice and you want to perform the cleaning yourself, make sure that you have left enough time to do it and that you have all the necessary equipment and cleaning products needed. You have to have a list of things and areas you need to clean. Tick off what you have done as you go along. This is the best way to keep track of things. Here is what is mandatory when performing the end of tenancy cleaning.


Windows have to be cleaned inside and out. However, if you can’t clean yours on the outside, you should hire a window cleaner to do it for you. If you don’t have double glazing but wooden window frames and some paint has chipped off, don’t worry as this is included in the wear and tear of the property and it is the landlord’s responsibility.


Empty all cupboards and give them a good wipe inside and out. Clean all of the appliances including the oven and the hob. Clean the fridge and remember to leave its door open in order to prevent the buildup of mold.


Clean thoroughly and disinfect every surface in the bathroom. Clean all of the drains and check if water runs away through them quickly. Remove lime scale, mold and soap scum.


The carpets and the rugs collect a lot of dust and bacteria and that is why it is very important to clean them thoroughly. The best way to do that is to steam clean them. If you don’t own a steam cleaner, you can hire one. Make sure it has various attachments so you can clean tiles and floors and furnishings as well.


Every landlord knows that their property will undergo a standard wear and tear during each tenancy. However, anything beyond the standard wear and tear is the responsibility of the tenant. That is why you need to pay special attention to the walls and see if there are any marks and scruffs that need to be removed. Try and gently remove any dirt however if that is not possible then use paint to cover any marks.

Remember that the end of tenancy cleaning is very important if you want to get your deposit back and a good recommendation from your landlord. That is why it is worth the extra effort to make sure that everywhere is spotless.


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