Did you know that you can clean with them?

baking-soda-768950_640When we want to prepare ourselves for a spring or fall cleaning or an end of tenancy one, we most always end up in the supermarket right in front of one of those endless shelves full of diverse detergents and cleaning products and tools and so much more. And that is, of course, too easy to be explained. We watch all the commercials on the TV with friendly and smiley ladies who clean grease and dirt and mold and whatever it is with ease and no problems for a second, we then talk with a friend or a colleague who recommends us the cleaning products that saved so much trouble during the after tenancy cleaning, and we convince ourselves that they are worth the money and we buy and buy, until we have too many detergents that can cope with practically nothing, unless you do. But did you know that some easy cleaning solutions are hidden right there in our house and not in that cupboard full of useless cleaning products? Yeah, that’s right – it’s time to discover them.

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White vinegar

Take the bottle and prepare a home-made cleaning product mixing equal parts of water and white vinegar. And you are wondering, where you can apply it now? Almost everywhere, in fact. You can disinfect every kind of surface, you can remove non-oil spots and spills from the carpet, you can wash the windows making them shine without the annoying streaks, you can clean the refrigerator and the coffee-maker, you can remove the grease from the oven and the microwave, in the bathroom you can take care of the toilet bowl and the shower, you can remove the water marks from the wooden kitchen table. And even outside the house, you can defrost the car’s windows in an early winter morning. This works far better than the detergents, doesn’t it?

Baking soda

Here you can prepare a paste mixing 3 parts baking soda with one part water. And then you can use it for cleaning some awful stains in the bathroom, for getting rid of the irritating fingerprints on the walls. All of the grease stains no matter where they are disappear when cleaned with this paste. And you better know that the baking soda absorbs smells and it can be used, for instance, in the fridge. Just put a box of baking soda there and that will keep the unpleasant odors away.


Here you have to buy non-gel toothpaste and when you wonder how to clean, for example, the crayons on the walls – here’s the solution – with the toothpaste. You can also clean the bathroom sink, remove ink and lipstick from different kinds of fabrics; you can remove watermarks from all kind of furniture and from wooden surfaces, as well. Another quality that the toothpaste has is that it prevents glass and mirrors from fogging and is thus used by goggles and bathroom mirrors – just coat them with the toothpaste and then wipe it off.


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