Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows can be divided into three types:

– cleaning with sprayer and a cloth

– cleaning roller and groove (mop and squeegee)

– cleaning with purified water

  1. Cleaning with a sprayer and a cloth

When cleaning glass surfaces with a sprayer and a cloth is most often used by the home keeper. There windows are usually available and this is the cheapest and affordable way to clean. There are a wide variety of preparations which typically cost several pounds. We can assure you that the use of more expensive product will not necessarily lead to better results in cleaning. The preparations themselves I can not make dirt disappear from the surface. Therefore the important part of cleaning is to use a clean cloth, microfiber is best.

Usually, blurring can occur when the towel you are using already is filthy, not because “preparation glosses over.” In this case, it is best to take another clean, dry cloth.

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Top Holiday in France Tips!

It’s here that many of the absolute most famed chateaux of France should be found. France is officially called the French Republic. It is the sixth largest economy in the world and is a developed country.

Make surebottle-1088278_640 that you read our helpful hints and suggestions on how to create the the majority of your holiday. This holiday is perfect for practically any age. Another big holiday would need to be Thanksgiving.

Should you really need to embrace and experience French culture, I’d recommend to attempt to visit various parts of the nation. Aside from all these, around whole planet, the bank holidays also held and it is likewise different for every single nation. You’re spoilt for choice within this magnificent region, with plenty of unique cultures, nightlife and atmospheres to choose from.

If you prefer to take it easy, then there are tons of chances to devote time in an enjoyable way.…

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Halkdiki in September? Oh, yes!

The summer has ended and the truth is that your mood is miserable and you are so sad, having no hope. The relaxing weekends and week vacations are now gone and there are back-to-school and back-to-work labels everywhere, which remind you that there is nothing fascinating going on any time soon, that there is only work and school, busy and tense everydayness, lists full of tasks, time absolutely insufficient, no sun and heat, but rain and wind. The summer has ended and there is nothing you can do about it. You cannot bring it back to the United Kingdom, but luckily you can still go to the summer. There is a week or a long weekend you can take off in September and you are now wondering what to do – a road trip to a town not far away, a SPA vacation in a luxurious hotel nearby, or some time casually spent at home – candles and movie nights, cuddles and hot chocolate, home-made food and take-away-s, series and talks, the sweetness of doing nothing, of relaxing and being at ease.…

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The Messy House Reality

Let’s face it. Let’s be honest at least once. Our houses are messy. Our bedrooms are messy and so are our kitchens and bathrooms. Our cupboards are messy and our wardrobes are messy, as well. We pretty much live in a mess. But the real question is, do we mind? Are we unhappy of this fact? Do we dream of order or we love to have that mess all around? Surely, you will like to tell everybody how organized you are and how well you maintain your But if no one ever goes at your place, would you have an incentive to clean it, organize it, and maintain it? Would you?

The truth is that we are messy. And what is even more frank, is that we enjoy this mess and we find the order in it. Yeah, yeah, my clothes are not hanged in the wardrobe, but I know all the time, where each of them is.…

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The 3 ultimate screen cleaning rules

There was a time when we were always looking for solutions for cleaning the oven only, and the carpet. We liked our homes. We had fun there, playing some board games, or just chatting over a bottle of wine, we spent some time alone, reading, writing and relaxing. It was some time later when we bought the first TV and we even organized movie nights where we put a cassette in the video player and watched the not-so-new film on it. This, however, was so long ago that this is probably the story of our grandparents, because the epoch we live in nowadays has some diverse values from ones of that time and the TV is undoubtedly far too important. And it’s not only this appliance, it’s the computer, the laptop, the tablet, the e-reader, the phones – we are surrounded by screens, screens that entertain us and help us work as well, but also screens that accumulate far too much dust.…

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How to perform efficient end of tenancy cleaning

Getting your deposit back at the end of the tenancy agreement is one of the hurdles every tenant has to overcome. In a recent report by the Deposit Protection Scheme it has become clear that almost 40% of the disputes related with the deposits arise due to the level of cleanliness of the property. That is why end of tenancy cleaning is very important. The landlords are very strict when it comes to checking their properties and even a few dirt marks or crumbs in the cupboards can cause you problems at the final inspection.

The best time for you to do the end of tenancy cleaning is when you have moved out all your belongings and the property is in the state it was when you rented it. Also it is advisable to perform the cleaning as close as possible to the date of the inventory check. You have to decide if you want to clean the property yourself or if you want to use a professional company to do it for you.…

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How to: post-renovation cleaning

For days, weeks, months, years, you have been dreaming about transforming your home, about making a renovation and having a new, lovelier, cosier, nicer home thereafter. We all strive for greatness, for perfection and the renovation, unpleasant, but necessary is the path to a better place for living and therefore for a more fulfilled life. It’s all true, but somehow cliché. Yeah, you need to make your home more you, especially if you bought it full of doubts and you didn’t imagine it just like this. However, it is hard, this whole process, because it requires energy and efforts, a lot of planning and organization and most of all – money. And right, when you have gathered strength and when you have all of these, you started with the renovation and it turned out to be even more unpleasant. It is time-consuming, a lot, did you know that? …

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The other use of vodka or how to clean everything at home in seconds

vodka-712469_1280It is a rescue and a lot of fun. Nice talks over several glasses of vodka turn into even nicer laughs soon and everyone is happy, shining, smiling, dancing, shouting and screaming and singing. Oh, yeah, there is something magical that makes people joyful and every experience a memorable one. But the best thing is that it is always by your side and when you want to drown away the agony after a break up or a failure at work, it helps you escape the reality, and it won’t leave you absolutely alone.

The truth is, however, that it is even more powerful and except for the Bloody Mary and the Martini, you might use it for a home maintenance, too.

Ask SYK Cleaning Company for more interesting tips.

And think for a second how nice and unforgettable clean-up it would be if you were performing it with a glass of vodka in one hand and rag dipped in this same precious drink as well.…

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The ultimate laundry room clean-up

dresses-579998_1280If there is a room at home, absolutely neglected during every possible cleaning, that would be undoubtedly the laundry one. In fact have you ever thought of cleaning it at all, seriously, have you? The majority of us doesn’t count it as a place to be cleaned and believe that it is a storage for some appliances only that need no special care and no maintenance. This is too naïve, though. In life you have to pay attention to the details, you have to focus on the little things, so trying to convince yourself that you have no time for a clean-up, no skills, no products or whatever, is more than stupid.

However, during the lovely inspection you have to go through after the end of tenancy cleaning, even this room will be checked and it should be in the best condition possible for sure.

You have a few options now and I personally believe that performing an easy-peasy and quick laundry room clean-up every month, is the best one.  …

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Did you know that you can clean with them?

baking-soda-768950_640When we want to prepare ourselves for a spring or fall cleaning or an end of tenancy one, we most always end up in the supermarket right in front of one of those endless shelves full of diverse detergents and cleaning products and tools and so much more. And that is, of course, too easy to be explained. We watch all the commercials on the TV with friendly and smiley ladies who clean grease and dirt and mold and whatever it is with ease and no problems for a second, we then talk with a friend or a colleague who recommends us the cleaning products that saved so much trouble during the after tenancy cleaning, and we convince ourselves that they are worth the money and we buy and buy, until we have too many detergents that can cope with practically nothing, unless you do. But did you know that some easy cleaning solutions are hidden right there in our house and not in that cupboard full of useless cleaning products?…

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